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Episode 14: Hidden and Here Mini-series - Part 1

March 1, 2021

A Story Council takes time. It is a donation of presence to one another. The experience of being heard does not come from direct response or advice; it arises from the pure act of having one’s story received and held in the center. Someone speaks of a hidden joy or a terrible burden he or she has been carrying, and as the person lays it down, it is as though the heart of the group - residing in candlelight, residing in a vase of flowers, residing on the placards of their intention statement - receives it respectfully and does not interfere with the speaker’s journey toward insight. The circle provides a kind of alchemy - to transmute sorry, to highlight joy, to open empathy where there had been enmity.”  ~ The Circle Way, Chapter 7

The Hidden and Here Mini-series aims to use storytelling to highlight and educate clinicians on the impact that the COVID-19 pandemic has had on caregivers, non-physician essential workers and teachers who we believe have been hidden but very much here. In each episode, we will highlight their stories and a panel comprised of Sheila Lahijani, MD, Ryan Matlow, PhD, Sonoo Thadaney Israni, and Ranak Trivedi, PhD will reflect on the stories heard, discuss salient points and identify action steps that can be put in practice. 

In this episode, we hear how and why these specific groups were chosen and the importance of storytelling in medical education. 

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