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Stanford Medcast is an educational podcast ideal for the clinician on the go. Hot topics in medicine, healthcare, and education are discussed with world leading physicians and scientists. The podcast is produced by the Stanford Center for Continuing Medical Education.

Episode 17: Hidden and Here Mini-series - Part 2

April 13, 2021

The Hidden and Here Mini-series aims to use storytelling to highlight and educate clinicians on the impact that the COVID-19 pandemic has had on caregivers, non-physician essential workers and teachers who we believe have been hidden but very much here. In this episode, Ranak Trivedi, PhD interviews Dr. Peter Poullos - a Clinical Associate Professor, Radiology and Founder/ Executive Director of the Stanford Medicine Abilities Coalition (SMAC). Dr. Poullos was interviewed for this episode, as he himself, requires caregiving as a result of a bicycle accident that took place during his fellowship training. He spoke of his experiences, both as a physician and a person needing assistance with personal care. Following the interview, the panelists discuss the challenges that caregivers, both those who are family/friends and paid caregivers face and provide key strategies to help improve the engagement with caregivers.

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