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Stanford Medcast is an educational podcast ideal for the clinician on the go. Hot topics in medicine, healthcare, and education are discussed with world leading physicians and scientists. The podcast is produced by the Stanford Center for Continuing Medical Education.

Episode 29: COVID-19 Mini-series - Empowering Physicians to Combat Vaccine Misinformation

December 6, 2021

This episode focuses on empowering physicians to combat vaccine misinformation. The discussion is led by Jennifer John, a student at Stanford University. She interviews Dr. Atul Nakhasi, Physician & Policy Advisor, LA County Department of Health Services and co-founder of #Thisisourshot, the country’s leading vaccine trust movement by frontline healthcare workers and Renee DiResta, Research Manager, at the Stanford Internet Observatory. The conversation addresses how to build trust with patients to help them overcome the fear and misinformation that has permeated the media since the beginning of the pandemic in early 2020. The goal is to help patients understand the importance of the COVID-19 vaccines in saving lives and to assure them of vaccine safety and efficacy.

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